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Missile Dancer 2


Title:Missile Dancer 2
Genre:Rail Shooter
Platform:Steam, Nintendo Switch

For Steam
Release: March 28, 2024
Price: 14.99USD
Discount Price: 13.49USD(10%OFF)  Launch sale: March 14th to April 4th


For Nintendo Switch
Pre-order: March 14, 2024
Release: March 28, 2024
Price: 14.99USD
Discount Price: 13.49USD(10%OFF)  Launch sale: March 14th to April 3rd

eShop:in preparation

Missile Dancer 2 is a fusion of Rail Shooter and Caravan STG.

This game is based on the old Rail Shooter called Super Scale Shooter, such as Space Harrier and Afterburner 2, which used sprite scaling instead of polygons for 3D rendering.

In addition, by fusing the 2D caravan STG that I have created in my past work, it became a 3D caravan STG.

This game has the speed and dynamism that are the advantages of Super Scale Game. The screen is filled with missile smoke, and sometimes the screen rotates.

On the other hand, I added game balance, good tempo, enemy variation, and stage changes that I learned from Caravan STG.

This game is an arcade-like shooting in which you operate the fighter "Missile Dancer" and destroy enemies with shots and missiles.

The shield can block 3 times of damage. If you lose all shields, you lose your ship.

If you have any remaining ship, you will resume on the spot. If there are no remaining ships left, it's game over. But you can infinitely continue. It will be restarted from the beginning of the current stage.

Operation is very simple. Move your ship with the directional button or left stick. Use 3 buttons for shot, missile and rolling.

By aligning the cursor displayed in front of your ship with the enemy, you can lock onto the enemy. Then, by pressing the missile button, missiles will be launched. There is no limit for missiles.

Shots are fired by holding down the button. It is useful for hitting enemies at close range and shooting down enemy missiles.

Press the rolling button to rotate your ship and avoid enemy attacks. Also, during rolling, the movement speed of your ship will be faster. However, you cannot shoot while rolling. Some cooling time is required to roll continuously.

Button assignments can be changed. If you turn on reverse in the option menu, you can turn your ship upside down.

There are three game modes: TUTORIAL where you can learn basic operations, ARCADE MODE where you clear all 16 stages, and CARAVAN MODE where you perform a 3-minute score attack.

ARCADE MODE can be selected from 3 levels of difficulty.

You can switch missile types by picking up items. There are three types of missiles: SPEAR MISSILE, MULTI MISSILE, and NAPALM MISSILE, each with a different maximum lock-on number, speed, and attack power.

SPEAR MISSILE has excellent speed, MULTI MISSILE has excellent maximum lock-on number, and NAPALM MISSILE has excellent attack power. This mechanism follows the previous work "Moon Dancer".

Depending on the situation, you can play more effectively by switching the type of missile.

Enemy missiles can be destroyed with shots. However, enemy bullets and enemy lasers are indestructible, so you must avoid them.

Depending on the enemy's attack type, decide whether to shoot it down or avoid it.

Avoidance by rolling is effective in situations where there are many enemy bullets that cannot be destroyed.

The top left minimap shows the enemy's location in top view.

You can also see enemies that are not displayed in your field of vision, such as those behind you, by using the minimap.

There are 16 stages in ARCADE MODE, and the stages are connected. And many bosses will appear.

There are many systems that make score attack fun. Many bonus items and bonus characters will appear. And, if you hit an enemy with a missile, a chain will occur, and you can earn a chain bonus by connecting the chain. And, the more lock-ons you have, the higher the score you get for small enemies.

Boss battles have a time limit. You can get more score by defeating the boss as soon as possible. Items will appear even during boss battles, so you can switch between different types of missiles.

Missile Dancer 2 is a game that combines a rail shooter and a caravan STG to achieve both dynamism and strategy. You can enjoy high score update by repeated play.



There are no restrictions on streaming videos or sharing screenshots of this work. I would be happy if you could share it widely.